On November 28, 1920, after much effort by Grigg Thomas Tyson, the first reunion of Tyson descendants was held.

Approximately 200 Tysons attended that Thanksgiving Day Reunion at Tyson's church on Stantonsburg Road, between Farmville and Greenville. A delightful dinner, reminiscences and greeting of the kin folks was enjoyed by all.

Grigg Thomas Tyson, first president of Tyson Reunion, was the son of John Joyner Tyson and Lanie (Joyner) Tyson; the grandson of Eliza-beth (Tyson) and Amos Joyner; the great-grandson of Elizabeth (Joyner) and Moses Tyson; and great-great grandson of Cornelius and Mary (Sherrod) Tyson.

He married Mary Eliza Home; they were the parents of John Joyner Tyson and Robert Home Tyson. His second wife was Clara O'Letha Frizzelle. Their children were: Elbert Moye Tyson, Grigg Thomas, Jr., Lyda Elizabeth Tyson, Annie Tyson, Owen Leslie Tyson, Moses F. Tyson, Christine Tyson and Glenn Tyson.

A few days before the second reunion, Grigg Tyson died. His son, Elbert, was elected president. Since then some of the grandchildren have also been president: Nannie Flanagan Gillette, Lawrence Thome Tyson, John Flanagan (Jack) Tyson, and Robert Aaron Tyson. His daughter, Lyda Elizbeth (Tyson) Robinson also served. Those efforts started by Grigg Tyson are carried on with the reunion. A grandson, Jack Tyson, is serving on the Board of Directors; another grandson, Robert A. Tyson, is a member of the Genealogy Committee. A great-granddaughter, Deborah (Hines) King, is the vice president of the reunion.

Mary Tyson, daughter of Cornelius Tyson, married Major Benjamin May; thus the Mays joined the reunion and it become known as the Tyson-May Reunion in 1932. Leadership is alternated each year with a Tyson one year and a May the next.

"The flame of family, kindled by Grigg Thomas Tyson, has grown year by year and has been a means of drawing relatives closer together by this annual contact when they meet and reminisce."

"The spirit of Grigg Thomas Tyson will always permeate these meetings and make the kith and kin ever mindful of the fact that it was his guiding interest that gave to the family a day of its own. He was ever ready to answer every call to duty." The tribute was given by Miss Tabitha DeVisconti as the memory of Grigg Thomas Tyson was honored on the 50th anniversary of the Tyson-May Reunion in 1970.