94th Reunion - November 30, 2014

The 94th annual reunion of the Tyson and May families convened at the Major Benjamin May DAR Chapter House with 75 registered attendees. Reunion president and Tyson descendant Mickey Tripp issued words of welcome and sang his original and now traditional "The Tyson-May Reunion Prayer." Following the blessing offered by Bert B. Warren, Sr., fellowship over a catered dutch lunch was enjoyed by all.

After lunch, the meeting reconvened with Reunion Vice President Elizabeth Borum’s introduction of Deb Higgins, Director of the May Museum and Park. She encouraged everyone to participate in the friendship quilt being organized at the museum by purchasing and custom designing or having someone design squares at $1 per square. When completed, the squares will be assembled into a quilt to be displayed at the museum.

Bob Newton introduced reunion speaker Roger Kammerer, a gentleman with keen interest in and vast knowledge about Pitt County and the surrounding area, particularly the treasures of the past—the people and the places. He spoke mainly about the Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum: 1840-1940, Greenville, formerly known as The Village of Yesteryear. After 32 years in one location, it has been moved and is being re-established and expanded, though not formally open yet. Volunteers are needed and appreciated to continue making progress toward completion of the village and farm museum.

For a few moments, all gathered were asked to pause and remember those who had departed from our families since the last reunion. Judy May shared comforting words from the Scriptures, lit a candle in memory of those departed and offered a prayer. The memorial service concluded with Mickey Tripp and his daughter, Leigh Ann Jarman, singing an original song by Mickey entitled "I Hear Angels."

The business of the Reunion began with the reading of the minutes of the 2013 Reunion and the treasurer’s report (attached). A basket was passed for donations to defer expenses. Bob Newton encouraged everyone to continue to report births, marriages and deaths for genealogical purposes. He reported for the nominating committee and the following were elected:

President: Elizabeth Borum (May)
Vice-president: Mickey Tripp (Tyson)
Secretary: Judy May
Treasurer: Jane Little
Receiving Genealogists: Bernice and Bob Newton
Technology Resources: Elizabeth Sparrow
Teresa Tripp
Board Members:
Rachel Case Bailey (Tyson)
Brenda Robinson Brown (May)

Incoming President Elizabeth Borum thanked everyone who helped with the preparations for the reunion and encouraged all to return again and again. After closing remarks by Tripp, Brenda Brown shared special thoughts regarding family, citing several Biblical families. She closed her remarks with a Scottish benediction.

The 94th Reunion concluded with the traditional singing of "Blessed Be the Tie."

Judy R. May, Secretary