91st Reunion - November 27, 2011

The Tyson-May Reunion convened, 12:30 pm, at the Major Benjamin May DAR Chapter House with 70 registered for the 91st annual gathering. Presiding from the May family was Elizabeth Borum. Pat Carr, Regent of the Major Benjamin May Chapter DAR welcomed everyone to the Chapter House and related information regarding the structural repairs and improvements being made to the House. She also mentioned that commemorative bricks would be available soon. They may be purchased to honor a loved one, an ancestor or some significant event. Information will be available soon regarding their availability. Regent Carr then offered a prayer and blessing on the food. A catered lunch from Parker’s Barbecue was enjoyed on the lovely fall day.

Following lunch, the meeting convened for the program and business. Reunion Vice-President Mickey Tripp sang his original rendition of “The Tyson-May Reunion Prayer”, a lovely tribute to his mother and to family.

The featured speaker for the reunion was Bill Thompson of Hallsboro, writer and humorist who has written for Our State magazine as well his own books. He shared entertaining anecdotes about people and places around North Carolina.

The memorial service dedicated to those family members who have passed since our last reunion was led by Judy May and a glorious rendering of "My Tribute" by Alyssa Howell and Mike Barnette touched everyone’s hearts. They were accompanied by Kathi Howell.

President Borum then called the business meeting to order. The minutes of the 2010 Reunion were read by the secretary and approved. The treasurer’s report was given and is attached to these minutes. Bob Newton reminded everyone to continue to notify him and Bernice of updates to the births, marriages and deaths of family members and also about the availability of Tyson-May Genealogy books, Pitt County Historical Society publications and events, and the May Museum.

Bob Newton reported the nominations of the same individuals in each of the offices except with Elizabeth Borum and Mickey Tripp exchanging duties of President and Vice President. Two members of the Board rotate off. Therefore, the following were nominated and elected unanimously:

President: Mickey Tripp (Tyson)
Vice-President: Elizabeth Borum (May)
Secretary: Judy Ratley May
Treasurer: Jane Hobgood Little
Receiving Genealogists: Bernice and Bob Newton
Director of Technology Resources: Joseph Moore
Board Members:
Brenda Brown (May)
Rachel Bailey (Tyson)

The Reunion was treated to another duet by Howell and Barnette, the notable "You Raise Me Up".

President Borum then introduced Mickey Tripp who will serve as President for the 92nd Reunion. He and Elizabeth Borum have graciously made a concerted effort to enable us to reach the 100th Reunion in 2020. Special recognition was given to those attending for the first time and all were encouraged to assist in maintaining an accurate mailing database as well as sharing information personally and by website to see that the goal is reached in 2020. Donations were collected for the expenses incurred and the Reunion closed with the traditional singing of "Blessed Be The Tie".

Judy R. May, Secretary