89th Reunion - November 29, 2009

Dear Members of the Tyson and May Families,

We, the members of the Tyson-May Reunion Board, have been so very pleased with the attendance at the Reunion in the past few years! The Board members and many other interested individuals have worked very hard to update the database of members’ names and addresses and we really believe that this effort is paying off with this increased participation. We began working in March of this year and believe that we are planning a great program.

If you know of family members who are not receiving invitations to the reunion, or who do not know about the website and the associated e-mail capability, please share this information with those people and help us by providing names and addresses of anyone we do not seem to have in the invitation database. We have requested help from some individuals in branches of the family who do not have any participation in hopes of reaching the vast number of people who are members of these two great families. We are diligently striving to reach all branches of the families.

The program for this year will include participation from family members not heard from before! The speaker for this year's event will be Mr. Fred Willard, who will provide an intriguing and informative presentation about the work of the Lost Colony Center for Science and Research. The Center is currently using a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the mystery of the lost colonists of 1587. The institution anticipates that the current DNA project will provide evidence of possible living descendants of those lost colonists.

This November, as we celebrate the 89th Tyson-May reunion, we will again meet at the Major Benjamin May DAR Chapter house and serve a catered barbeque lunch, with everyone bringing and sharing desserts. This year the cost for registration, to include the lunch, will be $12.50 for adults and $6.00 for children ages 6-10. We will provide paper plates and encourage you to share an adult meal with children under 5 years of age.

Since the Reunion has no funds, and no access to funding, except through participation in the event, the Board has decided to establish a PayPal account in association with the Tyson May Reunion website. This will allow family members who are unable to participate in the Reunion, a means of contributing.

We very much need some funds to continue with the expenses of the Reunion. The treasury is depleted!! In the past we have endeavored to keep the cost of the meal very low, and have depended on contributions from family members to support the administrative costs associated with the event. Last year we did not receive enough contributions to help pay the expenses. In order to continue to meet at the Chapter House, mail invitations, and provide honorariums to our speakers, along with other associated costs, we need contributions from family members. Will you, please, consider using the PayPal capability and contribute toward the costs of continuing the reunion. You will receive additional information on how to use PayPal through a later e-mail. If you prefer to contribute by sending a check to the Reunion treasurer, send your contribution to the following address:
Ms. Durwood Little, P.O. Box 203, Farmville, NC 27828

We look forward to seeing you at this 89th Reunion of these families who have contributed so greatly to the community, the state and the nation. Please join with us as we strive to reach the 100th anniversary of this gathering, and become larger and stronger as we move along together!

Elizabeth Smith Borum
President, Tyson-May Reunion